Attention Juturna Customers

Jan 10, 2019

Hello Everyone!! So we have an update. First, the officials at zoning are incredibly supportive of what we are trying to achieve. We discussed several different options that will allow us to reopen the quarry and deliver the facility we have promised. We have begun pursuing one avenue in particular. Part of that process will require us to work with the county legislature. It will take some time to complete all of the things we need to. This is the unfortunate issue. We are estimating it will be about 6 months before we will be able to reopen to the public. We are working on restoring the training rights for our Police and Fire Department divers much sooner. We will let you know how that works out.

What we are doing will happen in several stages over the next few months. We cannot be very descriptive of the process until after we have had the next couple of meetings. These will take place over the next couple of weeks. After that we can give you some details on the process and timing. We really appreciate your continued support and patience. We WILL be restoring your access to the facility and when it reopens it will do so with some of the great amenities you have heard us talk about. We look forward to speaking with you all again soon."

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